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How To Tell If Your Commercial Flat Roof Needs Repairs

Roof repair services in Louisville

If you own or manage a property with a commercial flat roof, you'll want to know what signs indicate that the roof needs repairs. Good roof maintenance is important, so you need to spot problems early on to avoid more extensive repairs later.

Don't get stuck with extensive damage. Find out when to call a roofing contractor for help by taking a look the following signs which indicate that your commercial flat roof is in need of repair.

Roof Drainage Problems

Since flat roofs are flat, they will hold water if the drainage is not working properly on the roofing system. This can lead to significant building damage including to the rooftop HVAC system and any other equipment.

When it rains, your flat roof should not hold pools of water, but rather send it down the drainage system that leads to the ground. No part of your flat roof should ever hold water. If it does, call a commercial roofing contractor for roof repairs.

Signs of roof drainage problems are:

Sagging Spots

Walk around on your flat roof to see if you feel any sunken or spongy spots. Weak areas need attention. A roof should never sag. Things like roof sagging and interior ceiling bowing are sure signs that you need roof repairs. This is a structural defect that needs the attention of a commercial roofer right away.

Seams & Sides

Most flat roofing systems are made in layers of some type. As you are checking your roof for possible defects, take a look at the seams where the membrane connects together and along the edge of the roof. Also check all places where projections poke up from the roof such as duct vents, HVAC equipment, etc.

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