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6 Must Have Features For New Sunrooms

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Enjoying nature in all it's beautiful glory while still enjoying the comfort of your home is what building sunrooms is all about. It's so wonderful to greet the new day sipping coffee or stay curled up on a comfy chair, reading the afternoon away.

If you're looking for ideas for a new sunroom you plan to construct, check out these practical and cool features that will make your space really special.

Ceiling Fans

A sunroom without ceiling fans just isn't as comfortable or fun. While a simple feature, ceiling fans always make a sunroom special. This is one trend that you don't want to leave off your list for your new sunroom construction, it's always a great idea!

Don't shop for ceiling fans at the local department store, look for features like LED lights and not traditional shapes. They also make some interesting and modern chrome wall fans if there's no headroom at the ceiling for flush-mount ceiling fans.

Soft & Comfortable Places To Relax

Soft, comfortable armchairs, a fluffy sofa long enough to take a snooze on, and other soft features make sunrooms the perfect place to relax. Throw in plenty of plush pillows to soften up the room even more.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is easy to install during new sunroom construction, so why not go for it? This is the time to choose LED light fixtures which work best with the LED bulbs for energy savings. Ask your builder to help you find the perfect smart recessed lights for your new sunroom space.

Recessed lights don't interfere with the header space at the ceiling. Look at Smart Hue colored LED recessed lights to create mood and drama!

Smartstrand Stain Resistant Carpeting

Nothing says you can't carpet a sunroom because of dirty shoes coming in and out all the time. You don't have to go with just one or two area rugs or you'll constantly be cleaning them. Install Smartstrand Stain Resistant Carpeting in your new sunroom and keep up with the vacuuming. Better yet, tell everyone to leave their shoes at the door!

Smartstrand carpeting is a relatively new product by Mohawk. It does not absorb moisture, at all, in the carpet fibers, so stains just don't happen. It is extremely silky feeling under bare feet. You'll absolutely love having this carpet in your new sunroom!


Sunrooms with fireplaces really turn the space into something special. Even in mild climates, the ambiance created makes the sunroom a really great place to hang out in on those chilly days or evenings. Both small and large sunrooms can have some type of fireplace, so get with your builder and come up with some ideas!

High-Efficiency Sliding Windows

Instead of the traditional groupings of windows that start halfway up the wall and the standard door, you can install sliding windows in your new sunroom. The modern sliding windows for sunrooms reach all the way to the floor, becoming the wall itself.

What's great about sliding windows for sunrooms is how versatile they are. They open so wide that you can transform your new sunroom into a screened in porch whenever you like. Plus, your sunroom contractor can install a wireless operating system to motorize the sliding windows.

Additionally, you can get garage door style sliding windows that lower into the floor or rise into the ceiling! These also come with retractable screens.

Look for high-efficiency sliding windows for your sunroom that effectively block out heat and you can't do without the sliding screens!

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